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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is reSTIMULATE?

reSTIMULATE is a social movement to encourage donations to groups working to combat COVID-19. We believe there is a socially-minded population looking to make direct contributions to groups making an impact locally, and we hope to act as a platform to connect driven individuals with impactful causes.

How do donations get to Impact Makers?

reSTIMULATE’s donation page links directly to impact makers’ websites so that you can donate to your selected effort through no middle channel. reSTIMULATE does not directly handle your donations.

Am I limited to the Impact Makers listed?

Not at all! While the reSTIMULATE movement features our highlighted donation partners, we encourage you to find charitable causes that connect with your individual values. If you know of an awesome Impact Maker that should be featured as a part of the reSTIMULATE movement, let us know here!

What is the direct government stimulus?

The direct government stimulus is a direct payment from the US government that individuals qualify for based on income stipulations. You can learn more about the direct stimulus both on our Impact page and through this official page.

How can I propose an Impact Maker to be featured in the reSTIMULATE movement?

We encourage anyone who knows of impactful causes to submit information here!

Do you plan to support causes outside of SE Michigan?

Absolutely! The organizers of the reSTIMULATE movement are from SE Michigan, and thus better connected to causes in the area. We want to leverage others’ knowledge of their own area to hear about what impactful causes the reSTIMULATE movement can highlight elsewhere. Let us know how we can get involved in your community here!

Our Origins

The reSTIMULATE movement was started by two friends in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

While Metro Detroit has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, we know our community is even stronger.

Our passion is in entrepreneurship, where we get to work with creative individuals every day to launch businesses. We decided to take our passion for creative impact and focus it on ways that we can help community partners execute on their missions.

Now it's your turn...we are looking for passionate individuals from across the US to join the movement and help spread our impact across the country.

Together, we are stronger.

  -Joey Panella, Ann Arbor MI

  -Ben Swanson, Ann Arbor MI

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