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Our world is currently facing an unprecedented challenge.


COVID-19 has uprooted daily life and threatened health and well-being worldwide, but impact makers everywhere are quickly adapting and responding to combat the ongoing crisis.


Heroes in the medical field are working on the front lines to treat patients affected by the pandemic. Essential workers and volunteer champions are delivering necessary goods to high-risk and financially-strained populations.


We believe that every person has the ability to make a difference in this collective fight against COVID-19. reSTIMULATE is a movement for empowering individuals - especially those with disposable income from government stimulus checks - to contribute to the fight.


Together, we can overcome COVID-19.


Stimulus Effect

Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the US government has approved stimulus packages to support suffering families and businesses. An important component of these stimulus packages has been individual direct payments. For many, these payments have been a lifeline. However, there is a fortunate population that is in the position of qualifying for direct stimulus payments while not experiencing a change in regular income. For this population, the direct stimulus might be used to pay off student debt, support local businesses, or act as a security blanket. We want to provide an additional opportunity for impact-minded individuals: contributing resources in the fight against COVID-19.




people just like you, looking to make a difference in the community

reSTIMULATE provides a conduit for your funds to go directly to work.

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